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SKU: 7418 Roadmap to Referrals by HCS

Roadmap to Referrals by HCS
Purchase Roadmap to Referrals by HCS
  • SKU: 7418 Roadmap to Referrals by HCS

  • $5,000.00


The Exact Words to Say to Have Referrals Pouring In for the Specific Types of Patient and Clients You Want

Imagine having the tools and confidence to increase referrals from your existing customers and breaking through to new referral sources.   The only way to do this is to rise above the noise of all your competitors by delivering fresh value every week.  When you do this, you unlock a fountain of referrals that are currently going to your competition, or discover untapped patients who are not even getting referred.

This system has been developed and proven by two clinicians, turned sales pros that have been building thriving agencies for over twenty years.

Melanie and Cheryl have created the “Roadmap to Referrals” sales system that provides 52 weeks of clinical and non medical content, sales secrets, industry intel, peer exchanges and the most relevant experience in the industry.  …All done for you…

Think about this; what if you knew exactly what to say to a referral source the next time you met them that would instantly give them a mental picture to identify one of their patients that could benefit from your care?  How would that change your confidence or even your business?

When you access the Roadmap to Referrals you will get: 

Keys to success for the next 12 months – A System to take you through the whole year!
  • 12 (Monthly) Quick Reference Guides to elevate your conversations to another level
  • 12 (Monthly) Sales and Marketing Flyers customized with your logo and contact information to highlight the type of patient or client YOU WANT!
  • 12 (Monthly) Monthly Health Observances – Making your referral source the HERO!
  •  Monthly Proficiency Lab – LIVE coaching and role-play with Melanie and Cheryl – With Practice comes Proficiency!
  • Automation – to keep you on Track!
When you think about ways to increase your sales, what comes to mind? Hiring a sales manager for $80k - $100k? Hiring more reps that will require training and attention for $50k - $70k? Going to seminars or buying coaching for $10k - $50k? While all of these are viable options, they all come with significant cost and risk.

The Roadmap to Referrals is a fraction of the cost with a fraction of the risk.  If this system gets you 1 referral per month it will more then pay for itself.  This system produces on average 38% increase in referrals for other agencies – it can for you too!

Cheryl and Melanie’s proven system is only $500 per month, or when paid in full, just $5,000 for the year.  This is 1/10 of the cost of a new sales rep with 1/10 the risk.

There are 3 specialized RoadMaps customized to Home Health, In-Home Non Medial Care, or Hospice.

What are you waiting for?  There are people who need your services!